My Morning Visitor

For the past few months, I’ve gotten a knock at a certain window between 8am and noon accompanied by some high pitched tweeting. Half the time I think House Buntings have entered my house (and occasionally this is true), but most of the time it’s an African Blue Tit! I think he’s lost – I never saw one last year, and I haven’t seen any others except the one who seems to be camping outside my house. He’s a bit skittish – I have tried several times to grab my camera and take a picture of him, but he always flies away before I can get the first shot. Not today, though! Today, he sat on the security bars outside my window long enough for me to take a picture! It’s not artistic – in fact, I had to zoom in quite a bit, so it may be a bit fuzzy – but isn’t he cute?


2 responses to “My Morning Visitor

  1. awesome bird, but I’m struck by the background – you really do live in the mountains, don’t you?

    • Why yes, yes I do! I’m at about the elevation of Boulder – just over five thousand feet above see level – and to get anywhere from my house I’ve got to walk up or down. I adore the mountains.

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