The Legend of Isli and Tislit

I ran across a podcast on the Peace Corps Wiki page today – it’s a retelling of the legend of Isli and Tislit, the Romeo and Juliet story of the Amazigh people which serves as the origin story for not only the two large lakes (Isli and Tislit) near Imilchil, but also the Imilchil Wedding Festival. Before you listen, there are a few things I feel worth mentioning about the names.  First, Tislit and Isli translate to Bride and Groom, respectively, so their names are really just symbolic. Second, (I know this is nitpicky but I can’t help myself,) Tislit is pronounced a bit like “tee-sleet”, not “tee-slet” as in the podcast (it was read by a volunteer from Nepal). Isli is the same but without the t’s – “ee-slee”. As with any legend, there are different versions of this story floating about, but I thought this was pretty well told. Without further ado:

The Legend of Isli and Tislit


One response to “The Legend of Isli and Tislit

  1. I was checking Google looking for Moroccan myth. then I came across your blog this really was helpfull Thank you so much

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