Top Searches

nb:  I thought I posted this a month ago… clearly I’m not as tech savvy as I’d like to believe. Today’s post is on it’s way!

“Top Searches” is a rather self explanatory wordpress feature – it tells you what people typed into a search engine to find your blog. This is a great tool for the procrastinator or the exceedingly bored.

Along with the normal searches of words like Tinghir, Wedding Festival, Imilchil, and Tamazight, I have learned that people reach my blog in quite unexpected ways. Owing to my description of L’3id Amzant last year,  I regularly get guests with a slightly more colorful line of inquiry. Two of today’s top searches that ended with people finding my blog, for example, are “slaughtering off chicken’s head with knife” and “chicken slaughter lady.”

I can’t help but find this a bit amusing. 5 years ago, who would have guessed that googling ‘chicken slaughter lady’ would lead you to me?


2 responses to “Top Searches

  1. Some nicknames can stick, be careful with that one. 🙂

  2. I found your blog by typing “3ID crest” in the Google search bar. I’m in the U.S. Army and 3ID is my unit. Funny!

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