Cloudbursts and Floods

Two days ago, the cloudy sky unleashed quite a bit of small marble sized hail on my unsuspecting town. As the hail was letting up a bit, 20 minutes or so after the initial onslaught, my landlord banged on my door so that he could run up to the roof and remove some of the ice. As he was leaving, he pointed at the mountain and said, “Schuf!” (Look!)

Now, I live in the desert, and while there are some streams down where I am, and wider streambeds with the erosion to prove that water has moved through them before, I have never witnessed any storm large enough to cause any sort of damage. Until now. For all of you living in places where it rains a lot, this might not seem so cool, but those of you living in a desert may understand.

Directly behind my house. The water is obscured by being the same color as the mountain - but there's quite a bit of it, and in a place I've never so much as seen a trickle!

"lmhayr" - waterfall coming off an overhang

The hail was partially melted when I took this, but I believe you get the idea.

This was the biggest storm I have personally witnessed in my service, although I do wonder if we didn’t get one larger in June – while I was touring the north of the country with my mother and brother, there was quite a bit of flooding in the southeastern High Atlas region.  Luckily, we went to Merzouga a few days after the rain stopped, just in time to find a rapidly receding lake by the dunes which still held Flamingos and Ruddy Shelducks.  I wonder if they’re there now?


One response to “Cloudbursts and Floods

  1. I have always had great pleasure in the weather. My wife and I went down to the sea, in our town to watch the waves crashing over the tops of the local hotels, and to feel the power of the wind driving the water across the promenade. Great fun


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