Third Try’s the Charm!

In October, I decided to give up my internet. Of course, when I went to the Maroc Telecom store, I learned that it’s not so easy to break a contract here as it is in the states, and started the process of trying to transfer my contract to someone else.  Well, after nearly a year of halfhearted searching, I have a taker!

I talked to a newbie in my area a few months ago about the modem –  she thought she lived close enough to a souq town to get better internet, but it turns out she has to use the same crazy contraption I do up here in the boonies.  Insha’allah, the modem will work well in her house and no other hijinx will ensue, and I will be well and truly internet free by the weekend!

Never fear, I can still update this blog from my souq town.  I think this will be for the best : )


One response to “Third Try’s the Charm!

  1. Good luck with this and enjoy the silence.


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