Laundry, Glasses, Surgery and Thorns

Today a few fun things happened, which I will enumerate in this post.

  • I snuck out of the house early in order to get my laundry done before anyone else came to washing area of the ditch… I thought I was doing really well, until one lady came… and then another… and then, somehow, I’m on my tiptoes because conditions have crowded to the point that there are literally wheelbarrowloads of laundry (actual wheelbarrows) by the ditch and someone is washing a rug where I was squatting! The lady with the rug (who I like quite a bit) tried to get me to move so she could get the whole platform for her rug, but another lady next to me told me I needed to stand my ground, so that’s exactly what I did.  I’m learning that attempting to get some solo ditch time is quite futile, and gradually coming to accept that fact.
  • I went to the middle school today to set free the final five pairs of glasses from a locked drawer where they’ve been for over a month. The planets were apparently in their proper formation, because it actually happened! I went around with the equivalent of the vice principal, and we interrupted four classes in order to deliver all the glasses. They seemed to all fit and be the right prescription, hemdullah!
  • On the way to the middle school I ran into an elderly gentleman in a large pair of sunglasses. I didn’t know him, but he stopped to tell me that he went to the clinic while the eye doctor was in our town, and as a result he was one of the people that went to a nearby hospital for free eye surgery. He told me his eyes were recovering well; it was a successful surgery. While I didn’t directly have anything to do with the surgery, that was a great upper for my morning!
  • Also near the middle school, I ran into a few girls who had just been in the mountains collecting thornbushes to be used as firewood.  They caught me attempting to take pictures of a lizard (none of the pictures turned out, the guy was too far back in a hole) and told me I should come pose with one of their loads.  I gave Rkia my camera, and Turia fixed up the cloths on her bundle that protect her back from the thorns. Then she and another girl, Hannan, helped me stand up. It turns out that, due to the nature of the thorns, the bundle wasn’t all that heavy – just hard to balance. It was also a little spiky. The ladies doing laundry nearby had a very good laugh : )

This was the smaller of two bundles, and it's very lopsided on my back.



One response to “Laundry, Glasses, Surgery and Thorns

  1. I spent 4 months in the Falklands in 1995, middle of winter. Since we worked shifts it worked well because we could do laundry at 2am when everyone else was asleep. And it was a laundry not a stream. I think we had the better deal.


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