My New Bookshelf

Today I went down to my souqtown to pay my internet bill and check my mail. I’ve been pricing out bookshelves for a while, and either they are intrinsically expensive or all the woodworkers think I want something fancy despite my protestations otherwise.  When I went to the post office I picked up two packages of books from the Peace Corps library, and decided I must have a bookshelf now – no more books on the floor! As I was waiting for my transportation back to my site to arrive, I ducked into the nearest furniture store and bought a somewhat unstable particle board and cheap metal bookshelf (which I had been eyeing for a month) for far more than it was probably worth (I’m a terrible haggler. I tried bargaining, failed, decided not to buy it, and then ran back in at the last minute and paid full price.). My books nearly fill it up! Without further ado, a picture:

The new bookshelf in all it's glory, protected by its own little Dol Hareubang.


One response to “My New Bookshelf

  1. Nice, I like it a lot!

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