Spring in January?

Almond trees in bloom

Theoretically it’s winter right now, but for all of my life I have lived in places where it snows in the winter. I was told it snowed here at least once every year, but I’m not so sure it’s going to this year. There’s still a little time – I was told the window of opportunity for a snowfall was late December through February. This afternoon some clouds moved in, and those clouds gave us a little rain for the first time since September or October – but that was rain, even after it got dark outside and the temperature started dropping! If the clouds stick around and it keeps precipitating intermittently through the evening, there’s a small possibility some of that would turn to snow early in the morning before the sun gets a chance to heat up the town again. We’ll see.

Other things that would signal to me that it was spring are that there are beautiful little yellow flowers on one type of thorny bush around here (I don’t have a picture of that yet) and that the seed pods of the Alily plant, below, have finally sprung open.  All of these things are probably perfectly on schedule – I was told almond trees, for example, always bloom early – but they’re very shocking to me. I’m still adapting to this climate.

These seeds are softer and fuzzier than they look.


3 responses to “Spring in January?

  1. wish I could be there. It’s snowing non-stop the third day already here in St. Petersburg 🙂

  2. do you know the english or latin name of alily? i just encountered it for the first time in fes and i cant find any information on it anywhere under the name “alily”

    • Hi! Alily / walily is the Berber name for it in the part of Morocco I lived in. It’s Nerium oleander, or just oleander in common usage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerium – according to that article, the Roman city Volubulis was likely named for the oleander growing in the region! The Berber name used in the article, oualilt (or walilt, as I’d spell it), is just a touch different than the name used in the area where I lived. I hope you enjoy your time in Fes!

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