River Walk

It’s a little difficult to explain without a picture, but there are four PCVs in the area I call, for simplicity’s sake, ‘up the mountain’. Eric is least up the mountain (and therefore in sweltering heat in the summer), Tim is through one little pass in a very pretty date-producing valley above him, and then the road goes over a much larger pass, forks, and Molly and I are on opposite ends of that fork.

A few weeks ago I accompanied Molly to Tim’s site using a route both of us had been wanting to explore for quite some time – she to talk about health lessons with Tim, and me to deliver glasses to the schools. I can make it to Tim’s site on my bike in about an hour (back in an hour and a half? Two hours?), but it’s got a pretty hard climb up a pass involved – a few weeks ago we avoided the pass by walking the river. It was gorgeous, and only took about two hours from her house to his. Without further ado, here are a few pictures of why I loved that walk:

View from the road, not too far from Molly's site.

My illustrious sitemate, Molly, humoring me as we walked along the river.

Note the goat above my head. There are lots of herds of goats around here, but sadly no goats in trees.

We stayed at Tim’s site for a day, where the glasses were handed out (although one poor girl was so embarrassed to be getting glasses she cried), we went to view Tim’s health lesson to the women’s association, went to Tim’s English Class for the teachers in the school, had lunch with the Nurse, tea at another acquaintances house (a seemingly important guy, actually, but we’re not quite sure how he’s connected to things.. we just know that he is), and then the next day we moved on to Eric’s site, delivered glasses there, and then were whisked back up the mountain by tranzit (public vans). Hope you enjoyed the pictures!



One response to “River Walk

  1. “It was gorgeous”

    You and your puns…

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