A Sleep Deprived Photo-Driven Entry

Hello all! It’s 2:35 am, and I’m still awake – packing, reading, daydreaming, digesting… thought I’d give you a quick rundown of my past week! No point in sleeping before the transit now anyway…

Once again, I’m not responsible for the order of the pictures.

Chronologically, the first picture in this set was one of me dropping by a friend’s house in my souq town. Dan is leaving soon, and we’re all preying on his stuff – pictured here is Will on Dan’s shoulders, working on getting a stained glass style orb attachment to fancify an otherwise plain lighting arrangement. If you’d like to judge fancify, I’ll let you know that after uploading 6 pictures it is now 3:08am. Very late. Anyhow, this was highly amusing to watch, and seemed appropriate to put into my ‘what have I been up to for the past week’ photoshow.

Next, it rained in my town on the mountain, and things were quite cold. I ended up in a scarf, jacket, and blanket not of my own while unexpectedly stranded at a friend’s house for about 4 hours as the storm raged around us… when it ended, my mountains were all enshrouded in beautiful low clouds. As with most landscape pictures taken with a point and shoot, the picture really doesn’t do it justice.

I finally learned what okra looks like in a field!

The final three are cave pictures – Kyle, Dan and I ascending into the mouth of the cave, Kyle looking demonic and sporting an excellent dust-beard, and Kyle, Sam and I inside the large bat-filled chamber – the goal of the journey.

Three days ago my downstairs neighbor had a baby girl. The baby girl has been henna’d and has amazing black eyeliner, traditional for all babies here. Today was the ‘hey, she’s been alive three days so let’s slaughter a sheep and have a feast!’ party. We had various meat (and organs) kebab style, then on couscous with raisins, and then in douez (everything pressure cooked) with prunes. All delicious, but oof! That was a lot of food! It was also a lot of time, which started my late-night craziness to begin with.

Here’s hoping I flesh out stories and grammar check this later. It may or may not happen. Either way, hope you enjoyed this whirlwind run through my week!


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