Anyone want a modem?

Before I talk about my failed attempt to give up my internet, I will briefly mention my project news! Eric and I went to the Ministry of Education in Errachidia, which handed us over to the Ministry of Health – it sounds like all things are go for getting an eye doctor up to our sites to do free eye exams on the kids who need it! We need to write up a proposal/schedule, have our boss in Peace Corps sign it, and then (insha’allah) some high-up guy in the Ministry of Health will approve and put the official stamp on the paper, granting us our free doctor.  Things are looking very good, so wish us luck!

Now for internet news.

Anticlimactically, when I strode into the Maroc Telecom store on Monday, I was informed that there was no way to break my contract. I told them that I had been originally informed that 99Dh was the total monthly price of the contracts I was signing, and I later learned that it was more like 270Dh.. quite a difference! I made the case that the internet is much slower than advertised (the contract is for 153Kbps, but it only tries to connect at 115Kbps.. and I don’t think it really runs that fast). They told me that the only way to ‘end’ the contract is to pay the next 20+months of the contract up front! Ouch! As for the speed issue, there’s a number to call – although I sincerely doubt the person at the other end would speak English or my dialect of Tashelheit. However, he did offer me one promising alternative – if I can find someone who wants the modem, with a modest fee (100 or 150Dh, he didn’t look it up) I can switch the contract over to them. With that in mind…

Are there any PCVs with Maroc Telecom service at their site who want a modem? The stick modem didn’t work at my site, but they were able to make some calls from the office to confirm that the wireless phone modem would. If you have concerns about the functionality of the internet at your site, Maroc Telecom does actually seem to know where it can work and where it can’t. I’m going to take the modem to IST if no one claims it before then. A main advantage of taking my modem over buying one is that there won’t be any set up charges, and the clock is already running on the contract so there won’t be a lot of time left when you COS.


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