Goodbye, Sweet Internet

I’ve decided to get rid of my at-home internet. I know most people (save Sarah, thank you darling) think this is a terrible idea, so I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, I love the internet too much. It has a pull. When I have better things to do, I’ll still get online to see if maybe I have e-mail or if there’s a relevant facebook status update, or maybe read some news to feel educated on what’s going on with the world. Honestly, though, even the news is irrelevent – news about the states, China, Nicaragua, or even the headline grabbing Chilean miners is utterly unimportant to my life right now. And yet I read on.

(I also do silly things like update my blog – I hope you enjoy the new layout! I found a better picture for the banner, but my internet is still too slow to load it well, so the current banner will have to do. The new look probably won’t change for quite a while.)

I also feel the pull of it from afar – maybe I could eat dinner and spend the night with the nice family inviting me to do so, but I was also thinking of skyping/chatting/interneting… and so I go back to my house, when I could be out with other people.

Also, spending too much time online makes me think too much in English! I believe it has actually slowed my acquisition of Tashelheit. Without internet I also know that I’d do a better job keeping my house tidy and read more books!

Getting rid of at home internet doesn’t mean I’ll never be online – I’ll still go down to Tinejdad roughly once a week, at which point I can sit at a cafe, drink some coffee, and use a USB modem to check my e-mail and post blog updates during the 2 hours between the time the tranzit drops me off and the time shops open in the morning. I’ve done this before, and most of the time I get bored of the internet after 1/2 an hour or so – as it turns out, when I’m not on the internet all the time, I don’t feel it’s loss! Now that I’m used to the internet again, if I don’t get on for two days I start getting that mental itch to check my e-mail. This is exceedingly lame.

The bottom line is that I can’t imagine finishing my Peace Corps service with my major regret being that I spent too little time online.

I’m going to Errachidia tomorrow to wander around eye doctors offices, looking for a doctor that might be willing to give free exams to kids from our area. The next day, I’m going to return my modem and break the contract with the phone company. I’m crossing my fingers that my trip to Maroc Telecom will take less than three hours… but I’m not sure if this is reasonable or not. My cell phone also stopped delivering texts, again, a problem for which they switched my phone number before – maybe I just need a new phone? There’s a ‘restore factory settings’ option on my phone, but I need some security code I don’t have.. maybe that would work? As the entire staff of the Maroc Telecom office in Errachidia knows who I am due to previous issues I’ve had, I imagine they’ll all groan in quiet despair behind their desks when they see me walk in. Oh well.

As a final note on the internet topic – I still love e-mails, so keep ’em coming! I don’t always know when I’m going to be online, and it’s always nice to have a few e-mails from family and friends. Even more awesome are real letters and the occasional phone call.  I love you all!


5 responses to “Goodbye, Sweet Internet

  1. Congratulations on your decision – your reasons all sound valid and wise to me!

  2. I also support this idea, although I hope it does not halt the process of your blog. I cringe to think of all the things I could accomplish if I didn’t have the computer sitting there, silently pleading to waste some time together. I check my email constantly when I should be doing something useful, like reading a book, making stuff, working on productive things. You know. Being constructive. I commend your decision and may considering doing the same. I think this is inspiring a blog…

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  4. OH, I admire you!! Of course, your rational holds true for all of us!! But the Internet is my entertainment, info, and phone (home). . .but yes, it’s such a drain!! and here in Korea it’s soooooo fast (and free in my building. . . or if not free, included in the rent!).

    I remember in Morocco c. 2001 it was so slow, and tended to crash just before I’d hit send!!

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