Hub 2

I was going to do a video blog – I took a quick video on the roof here to show the mountains and the square, and told a little story about visiting my host mom’s family’s house in the next town over from my town – but after spending 2 hours (!!!!) waiting for the video to upload onto wordpress, Iwas told that there was some security issue and I’d have to try another video type.  No video for you.

My little town has been really good – the wheat has grown 2-3 inches since we arrived, the almonds are ripening on the trees (unripe almonds are fuzzy and tart), new flowers have been blooming… the fields by the river are gorgeous. I’m learning my birds and getting Tamazight names for some of them from my host family, and I’m bringing some bike tools back with me today so I can ride our site bike around during our lunch breaks.  Letter writing will start this week – should you want letters and I don’t have your address, send it.

Now it’s time to head back to my little town.  Bslama!


One response to “Hub 2

  1. If you decide that your little sister rates a letter, send it home. I won’t be at school much longer.
    I’m sad about the video thing, and jealous about the goat…

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