Highlights of Asheville

I have fewer than four full days left before heading out to Morocco! I’m taking some downtime from my whirlwind of organizing, packing and socializing to post a few more picture entries – in this one,  I’ve place a few representative shots of my time in Asheville as an Student Conservation Association intern with the National Park Service.  (Note the disclaimer on the right… my views don’t represent SCA or NPS, either.)

Triple Falls

I love waterfalls! This is Nemo and I at Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest in August.

Couldn't resist - this is the Maggie Valley exit on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Just another day at the office...

Copperhead! This guy was out unseasonably late.

Gentleman's Swimming Hole trail at Big South Fork NRRA. The mud here was particularly slippery.

Jaclyn and I enjoyed frequent strolls with the puppies from our back door straight into Bent Creek Experimental Forest.

Inversions are awesome.

A little boquet of what poachers discarded... stop stealing galax, people!

Nemo on a tree!

Nemo on our last big hike, being adorable. He's been adopted by a very dog-friendly couple in Asheville.

And thus ends the ten picture summary of my time in Asheville.  Have a great day!


4 responses to “Highlights of Asheville

  1. I expect this blog to be both consistent and fantastic! 😉

  2. I assume you mean “fewer than four full days.” :-p

    No pictures of playing horseshoes in the cold?

    • Curses! Yes, fewer.

      I only had one picture of horseshoes – I thought about adding it, but it wasn’t artsy or an action shot (not that any of these are that artsy; I didn’t take nearly enough pictures in Asheville, I had slim pickings!). I voted in favor of more Nemo. Hard to pack 6 months into 10 pictures! You’ll get some pictures in the next post, whenever I get around to making it…

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