Peace Corps Invitation News!!!

I finally called my Placement Officer, and apparently my file was already on her desk – she’d been planning on calling me today. She asked me a few questions about my college transcripts, which I am not exceedingly proud of, and then about coping mechanisms for dealing with feelings of depression, isolation, etc. She also wanted to ask me about my relationship, and how I’d do without being able to talk to/see my boyfriend very often. Apparently I fielded those satisfactorily.  She also asked about my French, and I was happy to be able to tell her I had finished Fluenz and was working on Living Language. She said that was all she needed…

and unless she saw something that needed work when she reviewed my file again later, she’d be sending me an invitation early next week!

Morocco, here I come?


One response to “Peace Corps Invitation News!!!

  1. I regret missing this image of goattasticness.

    I wish I had many, many goats.

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