My blog had a record number of hits yesterday despite having only one search engine reference (for Fluenz).  I have no idea why. Hello, readers!

Today I found that vegetable based rennet is available at Earthfare, one of the two big health food chain grocery stores in my area. Naturally, I bought some. Then I thought I was all set (minus cheese cloth) to make mozzarella.. wrong! I forgot about citric acid! I think I’m going to head to the other Earthfare tomorrow for that – the store I went to was temporarily out of JR Ligget shampoo bars, which I want to try.  After I get the citric acid (and maybe I’ll go ahead and buy cheesecloth), I will make people join in with my mozzarella making over Thanksgiving break : )

Somehow, when searching for that JR Ligget link, I came upon commercial toothpowder – a substance I hadn’t come across before. More research will be necessary.

I have to be at work early tomorrow morning in order to utilize as much daylight as possible – bonne nuit!


3 responses to “Interesting

  1. the day after your blog gets a record number of hits, your posts cease. what kind of message are you attempting to send?

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