Cheese Revelations

I’m reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Chapter 9, Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, just rocked my world.

Were you aware that you can make soft cheeses (spreadable ones) with less than an hour of effort, and that mozzarella can be made in half an hour flat? Me neither.  But now I am.  I’ve also discovered that it’s really easy to find cheese recipes on the internet.

For those of you who may know that rennet tends to imply calf stomachs, I’ve learned that, much like gelatin, there is now a vegetarian version.

I was completely wowed by some gourmet cheeses found in Paonia, CO (although actually made a county or two over) this summer – specialty fetas rolled in things like dried cranberries or thyme. I have a vague memory of an industrial scale cheese making operation I saw on a field trip in elementary school, and I had it in my mind that such an operation was necessary for making that sort of cheese. I bet that gastronomically delightful feta, though, was made more like this.  I could make cheese like that!

I think this is one more sign that I need to one day have goats.


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