A quick note on climate change

I’m attending the SAMAB conference on climate change in the southern Appalachian region this week, but I have no desire to write about it at the present moment. Instead, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from an article in BBC news today:

“One of the most intriguing findings from the study is the difference between the emissions produced directly by a given nation and the emissions generated through production of the goods and services consumed by its citizens.

Emissions from within the UK’s borders, for example, fell by 5% between 1992 and 2004, says the GCP analysis.

However, emissions from goods and services consumed in the UK rose by 12% over the same period.

“The developed world has exported to the developing world the emissions it would have produced had it met its growing appetite for consumer goods itself for the last two decades,” said CSIRO’s John Finnegan.”

This matches up nicely, of course, with the news that Kumi Naidoo, a human rights activist, just signed on as the new international executive director of Greenpeace (I have an issue with them being regarded as a mainstream environmental organization, but the article was still interesting).  In his words,  “More equality and the equitable sharing of the planet’s finite resources are our only chance to save the planet for the future. [cut] We need to organise ourselves and work together in new and more transparent ways. We have to break down the barriers that exist, and realise that our struggles and causes are not independent.  They are not about the people or the planet; they are in fact one single common cause – justice.”


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