Highlights of Colorado

I like pictures. I haven’t been taking as many in this past year as I really should have, but I’m going to give you a few anyway.  The pictures here are from July 2008-July 2009, excepting the time in July/August 08 when I was on Baffin.  Basically, when I got back from Baffin I visited Indiana for a little bit and got an Americorps position working on an abandoned mine land project based out of a little town called Saguache, CO.  I left for NC in July for a Student Conservation Association internship, but more on that later. Here are some pictures from Colorado:


Taken inside White Marble Halls in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This trip took about four hours and was tons of fun. Here I learned that real cavers eschew the word spelunk.


Nemo is a super cute puppy. I can't remember the name of this location, but it's above Boulder.

Saguache Dec 010

December 08 - cross country skiing in Penitente Canyon.


My mom visited and helped me clip willows in preparation for an Earth Day willow planting project with a local school. She's standing over Kerber Creek.


I successfully wrote a grant (my first!) for a youth crew to vegetate/stabilize these slopes - but then I was in NC when it happened. I'd love to see what they look like now.


Josie was a bit too cautious trying to get down from a hike in the Sangres, so Romana gave her a lift.


I stayed at the Forbes Trinchera Ranch for an environmental education teacher training. This is a view from the roof of a little church, rumored to have been built for a wedding, a grave, or both. The ranch itself has quite a bit of controversial history associated with it and is still raising some eyebrows today. It was pretty fascinating to stay at the hunting lodge.

me nadia dunes

I found a sled next to a dumpster at the Great Sand Dunes Nat'l Park and Preserve. If you're anywhere close to this amazing area, I highly recommend a visit.


I drove down to Antelope Wells, NM to pick Kurt up from a cross country mountain bike race called the Tour Divide. I unexpectedly ran into him about 100 miles or so from the finish - perfect timing!


My favorite running spot near Saguache, just barely in the San Juan Mountains.


Last hike near Boulder before heading cross country - the wildflowers were spectacular.

And that’s that! The Appalachians are fantastic, but I miss the west.  Unless I end up abroad forever, I’ll definitely be back. I love you, Colorado!


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