Highlights of Baffin

So, after leaving Korea, I spent a week in Colorado before heading out to Baffin Island for about a month of field work with Kurt. He’s essentially studying the geologic history of Baffin Island, so we spent a lot of time digging out portions of the sea cliffs so we could get good samples and he could see the strata for mapping purposes.  In this post, I’d simply like to show you what a beautiful place the Canadian Arctic is.


A rough day at the office.


James was our main contact in Clyde River, seen here stringing up a good catch of Artcic Char outside a cabin we stayed at for about a third of our trip. The flag has a polar bear on it, and the fish were tasty.


An inunnguaq. Or inukshuk. Either way, this guy was right outside James' cabin.


Polar bear footprints. We saw way more footprints than polar bears (thank goodness), and they were all heading north.


Kurt and I hiding from a very windy storm which broke up most of the remaining sea ice.






I don't know the name of this one. I called it Jester's Cap.


Arctic Cotton Grass


Kurt and an exceedingly large hole. There were a lot of holes on the beach due to melting ice.


And a fun one as well! Discovering the honey pot.

I have many more, but I think that should give you the basic idea.  Au revoir!


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