Highlights of Korea

I decided to do a small ‘highlights of’ series for the next few days to get you up to date with me. Today is Highlights of Korea.  I taught English at a hagwon (roughly translated as an academy) in Mokpo from July 2007-July 2008.  I fell in love with the parks and food of Korea, and seldom found myself at a loss for what to do. I wish I had another year to explore, I feel I just barely scratched the surface! Here’s a little ‘best of’ photoset.

View on Wolchulsan

My first hike on Wolchulsan, a National Park near Mokpo.

Visiting Busan over Chuseok, one of two extended Korean holidays.

Visiting Busan with Camille and Dave over Chuseok, one of two extended Korean holidays.


My first lead climb! Yongseo Pokpo


Approaching a climb in Yeosu... where we had to go through an army obstacle course, complete with plastic N. Korean soldiers on trees.


Since it's that time of year, here's how Camille and I rocked out for Halloween at the Hagwon.


Christmas at the orphanage - I like this picture of Jess.


Ice climbing near Seoul during Seolnal, the lunar new year. Nicola is up on the ice.


My LASEK surgery! I was given a trendy pink gown, a big stuffed moon, and a lot of iodine around the eyes. 20/20 vision today. Thanks Gwangju Happy Eye Clinic!


Kurt and I in Baegunsan Nat'l Forest - shockingly different than Nat'l Parks - once we left the temple, we didn't see a soul all day.

Outside naejangsan, a gimbap shop with surprisingly tasty soup. Displayed here is my favorite Korean food - well prepared bibimbap, or mixed rice.

Outside Naejangsan, a gimbap shop with surprisingly tasty soup. Displayed here is my favorite Korean food - bibimbap, or mixed rice.


Cheonwangbang, high point of peninsular S. Korea and Jirisan Nat'l Park. Seen here with one of two very cheery guys who walked with me the final stretch up the mountain, whose names I sadly forget.


Buddha's Birthday at Seoraksan. My Korean co-teachers told me all the little boys handing out bracelets like this are actually monks.


I went with a few friends to a 'mountain climbing competition' on a somewhat far out island, which was a big festival where everyone went hiking for several hours. It was tons of fun, and at the end we were let loose on a field of garlic to pick as much as we wanted - if you found the golden garlic, you'd win barley!


My family visited - here is Allison striking a pose at the Boseong green tea field.


Zepher at Naejangsan. We had a very long hike, and Zepher hauled that bag and tent around the whole time like a champ.


And, of course, the reason I was in Korea... one of my phonics students at an in-class party.

I hope that was enjoyable! I certainly had fun putting it together.


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